Avery Oval Label L6024REV Word

Avery Oval Label L6024REV

The template for Avery Oval Label L6024REV is great for a number of reasons. This is because it is a template that you can fully depend on to print you out high quality labels whenever ... Continue Reading →

Avery 8371 Business Card Template

Printing Business cards has been a job for the printing press services and the graphic designers for a long time. Every now and then when you want to make a new business card or redesign ... Continue Reading →
Flyer Templates

Carnival Flyer Template

When planning an event it is important to have all of the essential tools to make it more successful. Our free Carnival Flyer Template can help you gain the audience that you desire. ... Continue Reading →
Free Printable Taxi Receipt Template 3 Per Page

Taxi Receipt Templates – 3 Formats for Word

 When riding in a taxi many people pay cash. The only problem with using cash it that it is hard to keep track of. A person may have to turn in proof of the cost of the taxi so they ... Continue Reading →
Blank Receipt Slips

Blank Receipt Template for Excel® and Microsoft® Word

When you offer items for sale to your customers you need to have a way to track any sales that are made. Receipts help you do that, but how do you make a receipt that is professional? ... Continue Reading →
Payment Receipt Template for Microsoft® Excel®

Payment Receipt Template

Receipts are important document in selling as they provide accountability and reference. They create a strong bond between the customer and the business and will prove everything right ... Continue Reading →
Donation Receipt Template for Microsoft® Word

Donation Receipt Template

In every country there are charitable institutions, church based, non-profit and governmental organizations where people make all kinds of donations that are always kept in records. ... Continue Reading →
Security Deposit Receipt Template for Word

Security Deposit Receipt Template for Microsoft® Word

When you lease out a building that you own you want to make sure that you are protected. In order to look out for yourself when you are leasing a building you need to have some kind ... Continue Reading →
2nd Monthly Business Budget Template for Excel

Business Budget Templates for Monthly and Yearly Budgets

When you are running a business budget if you don’t pay attention to all the details you could quickly go over your budget. This is why it is important to have a business budget ... Continue Reading →
land sale purchase agreement sample

The Best Land Sale Purchase Agreement Sample

In the daily world, we always make a lot of transaction in purchasing one thing or another. When planning to purchase land one need to be extra conscious and thus calls for an agreement ... Continue Reading →
car purchase agreement template

Car Purchase Agreement Template (2 Pages)

In earlier times, the average person would sell their car to another person. Their binding agreement would consist of a friendly handshake. However, things have changed. The world is ... Continue Reading →
Asset Purchase Agreement Template

Asset Purchase Agreement Template (16 Pages)

Nothing is as disappointing as having signed an agreement that cannot back you up when you need it to. In most cases, the kinds of agreements we sign are not well defined and therefore ... Continue Reading →