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Travel Packing List Template

There are many things to consider when traveling for business or on pleasure, including packing sufficient necessities that you will need once you arrive at your destination. It is important to utilize a travel packing list in this instance, to ensure that common useful items are not overlooked and forgotten. Traveling is an exciting time and having a well planned out packing list to follow will allow you to successfully bring everything you need for your stay.

Using a travel packing list template is one of the best ways to inventory and make certain you are including everything needed for a trip. A template can be printed and used so that items are easily checked off as they are included in the luggage. The list can also travel along so that it makes repacking items equally easy. Bringing along this list will allow you to not leave any possessions behind either when it is time to return home.

A travel packing list template is an easy to read, at-a-glance formatted document that lines out quantities, item descriptions and can easily be check marked off as completed. This template includes:

  • • Customizable format to add additional rows for longer trips and more items
  • • Easy to read quantity column to ensure the correct number of provisions are brought along
  • • Downloadable and edit capable from either MS Word 2003 or 2007
  • • Additional space towards the bottom for personalized notes and information specific to the trip; and
  • • Area to keep track of clean and available versus soiled, worn clothing

Here is the preview of packing list template for MS Word,


It is First Travel Packing List Template,  that we create in MS Word 2003.

It is For Second Travel Packing List Template, That we create in Ms Word 2007, you can download the template that suit you best.


This marvelous, universal travel packing list template can be tailored appropriately to individual business and professional travel or be comparably used by an entire family to ensure each person is bringing the correct quantities of clothing and necessary items to the destination where you will be spending time.