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Funeral Planning Checklist

When a person has to plan a funeral they are often not in their right mind. They are dealing with the emotions of losing their loved one. There are so many details that go into funeral planning that it is easy to forget something. A funeral planning checklist can help a person stay organized during this tough time.

The funeral planning checklist will help a person make sure everything gets done. This list has everything that needs planning and attending to. There are many people that have to be notified of the death in addition to the family and this list will help keep everyone straight. It can be customized with the names of the doctors, funeral directors, and other important people at this time.

The checklist has every series that needs to be notified in the event of a death. This includes the post office, social security office, a bank or other financial institution, credit card companies, employers, landlord, utility and phone companies, and other similar organizations. There is also a checklist for every service that will be held at the funeral home including clergy, the time and place of the funeral, the type of casket, clothing for the deceased, the music selected, and prayer being read. The checklist even has all the information that is included in the obituary so a person will not forget. The includes the age of the deceased, their children, their spouse, place of birth, names of other close family members, and anything that should be dedicated to them.

The funeral checklist template can help a person make sure they remember everything during this trying time. As they go down the list they can check things off as they are accomplished. The funeral checklist template makes it easier on a person during this rough time.

Short Description: Here we have searched and created a Funeral Planning Checklist Template in Microsoft Word for your quick help. We pray that you should not be facing a funeral planning ever. however if you have had to go through it, just download the following funeral planning checklist Word Template and keep track of each and every important aspect of it.

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Funeral Planning Checklist Template for MS Word