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Funerals are a painful and difficult time for the bereaved. It is important to provide closure and comfort the loved ones of the deceased with an excellent funeral service, one that will be remembered by all that attend. The life of the deceased needs to be celebrated in a positive and organized manner. By using this template, you can ensure that your loved one is remembered in a meaningful manner.

Templates make the process easier in your time of grief by offering an example of the program and the format, reducing the stress of trying to create your own. Our funeral program template is a key tool for planners of the funeral.The template is easily customized with Microsoft Word and is compatible with the 2003 through 2010 versions. This gives you complete control over the content of the template, and the piece of mind that comes with that.

The funeral program template comes with many important formatting tips and gives you an example of how a program looks. The cover includes a place for the name of the deceased prominently featured at the top, as well as place for religious images such as crosses, and a customizable quote for the deceased. The different rites, readings, and communion prayers are laid out in an intuitive order, as well as prompts for standing, reading, hymns, and acclamations.

Some tips for using the funeral program template: remember that it can be altered to fit your needs. There are easy to follow directions for changing the front image, as well as space for the texts of hymns and gospels. There are directions on how the funeral should commence, such as recommendations for the singing of acclamations. The template can also easily be changed to fit any faith while still providing a guide to the ceremony.

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Free Funeral Program Template Word

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