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Attendance Sheet – Excel Template

Certainly, there are a number of reasons why an attendance sheet is very important. The attendance sheet is vital to the teacher who is conduction class. The sheet is important to the club leader who requires a record of those in attendance. Of course, an attendance sheet is important at a company business meeting. However, creating a perfect attendance sheet for the situation is difficult. A template will help the individual prepare an accurate representation of those in attendance and keep organized. Take a look at the full customizable and free to download template on this page.

Properly Formatted Attendance Sheet

Most people would probably face a lot of difficulty trying to properly format an attendance sheet on their computer without the help of a template. They might wonder what fields to enter or leave out. The template serves as a guideline. Of course, the free to download template on the page is fully customizable and will help to simplify creating a great looking attendance sheet.


Take a look at this professionally designed template that is suitable for school or business purposes. Certainly, every attendance sheet should include specific fields. For example, a field for the name of the school, the attendee, title section, and the attendance dates. There is also a special section to keep a running tally of the dates.

In case you are just looking for Attendance Sheet Template in Microsoft Word Format Then check this Attendance Sheet Word Templates

Here is the preview of Attendance Sheet Templates,

Attendance Sheet – Excel Template


Tips for using this Attendance Sheet Excel Template:

  • This template should help a teacher to maintain a strict attendance record and keep organized. Here are a few tips to follow.
  • Download the completely free and customizable template to your computer.
  • Customize the fields, if required.
  • Save the newly customized attendance sheet template to file on computer for future use.
  • Print out a sample sheet and check for accuracy before printing for use.


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