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Attendance Sheet – Word Template

Students who show up for class, on time will get a better education than those that don’t. This is because those that are late, end up being rushed and can often disrupt the class and the teacher all while trying to get to their seat. While those who are on time, are better prepared to be a part of the class as a whole and will participate better. As the student to teacher ratio grows it is even more important to keep track of everyone in the class. Keeping track of which students are present and on time is a daily task that all teachers must take on, in order to better educate their students.

With the use of the Attendance Sheet Template you can print an easy to use attendance sheet that will allow you to keep track of all those students. Whether you run a small class or a large one it is always best to keep track of the whereabouts of each one. And when one student gets out of hand with their attendance the attendance sheet template will allow you to show the parents and the student that you are aware of it.

This helps to eliminate any finger pointing when having a conference with either the students or the parents and instead shows valid proof that the child has been having attendance issues.

How the Attendance Sheet Template can help you;

1. Keep track of all students with an easy to use sheet.
2. The information can be typed into your laptop, or hand written in and stored for later use.
3. Can help to identify who showed up for the class.
4. Is a helpful tool to educate the importance of being on time.
5. Teachers are better able to gauge a student’s dedication and overall attendance.

Here is preview of this Attendance Sheet Template,

Attendance Sheet – Word Template
Attendance Sheet – Word Template




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  • this is really a very handy templates, it helps me to create my school attendance very organised and save my lot of time

    thanks For sharing such a useful templates

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