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Auto Expense Report – Word Template

An auto expense report template is an accurate way to keep track of a company’s auto expenses. Generally companies like to report these auto expenses as business expenses to the IRS for tax purposes. An auto expense report can keep track of mileage, gas, oil, pretty much anything that goes on with a vehicle and records of the days they occurred. This attention to detail is important when turning in any business records to the IRS because they like to be exact and will usually not accept estimates.

This auto expense report template has an easy to follow design that can be customized. there are plenty of columns to keep track of the different dates and incidents that can occur when travel is necessary for business. If kept up with in an accurate manner, anyone can look back on these reports and see everything important and even the maintenance of any vehicle used for business. The more accurate the upkeep is on the expense report than the easier it is to follow and everything should be filled out completely and in a timely manner. Even company information can be displayed and as long as everything is dated and filed correctly than there is no reason for any worries regarding auto expenses.

The design on this template is pretty coherent. There is a spot for the company name, logo, etc. and there is even an area to personalize the template for any single employee with their basic company information and how to reach them personally. This is convenient, instead of asking everyone in that company you can call that particular person if you have any questions. This layout offers room to list any incidents or mishaps with any company vehicle or business related travel expenses.

The best way to utilize this template is to make sure everything important is on there. If there is not a space to write something down then it can’t get reported. Keep track specific dates for maintenance, gassing up, or even flat tires, this can save you from some headaches later on. Make sure that each employee has their own report form to fill out and keep up with as well as having a certain date to trade up-to-date reports with new blank forms.

This template provides enough space and optional columns to include everything important regarding vehicle expenses. As stated before, as long as the template is filled out accurately it can be effective in helping to report vehicle expenses for any company. Overall great design that can significantly help keep track of auto expenses.
Auto Expense Report – Word Template


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