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Labels have many different uses from shipping to return labels or even organizing your personal space. There are so many functions for labels but not as many templates that work with every system in order to create just the right labels that you might need. Often you need to cruise through different sites, and not all of them might be safe. And not all sites will be compatible with your computer, many of which are not in fact which can be very frustrating when all you need is to print a few labels. Labels come in handy for everything from a name badge, to keeping an office clean and neat.

When it comes to Avery Label Templates we have exactly what you need. Whether it might be for organizing or a mailing and shipping label, to something more unique we have the right Avery Label Templates to fit your needs. These Avery Label Templates are easy to download, taking only seconds on most computers. And they can be adjusted so that no matter which labels you have you can print them exactly right. Never miss an opportunity to print what you need, or have plenty on hand for when you do need it.

Tips for using the Avery Label Templates;

1. This saves you the frustration of trying to find the right template to print your labels on.
2. Make return address labels or shipping labels.
3. Printing many at once will save you time in the long run for your mailing needs.
4. Customize your labels as a group or each one individually.
5. Easy to use and can be stored and saved with your changes so you can reprint any time you need to.

Short Description: Here are some Free Avery Label Templates. No Matter what kind of label template you are looking for, these Avery labels Templates will suit your purpose Very Best. However you need Winzip Or winrar or any other ZIP extractor Free software in order to extract these Zip Files. The first label template is prepared using MS Word 2007 while the second one is created using MS Word 97. So feel free to download These Templates, These templates Are very Easy to use and print. you also can send us your request via Contact page, if you are using different version of Microsoft Office.

Avery Label Template 1

Here is the first Avery Label Template. This template is very simple but Very professional too. It is usually used for shipping needs. Here is its preview,

Avery Label Templates Word

Avery Label Template 2

Here is the Second Avery Label Template in Ms Word 97 Format, this is very easy to use and print too, but you have to be careful while using paper format. here is the preview and download link for this very good template.This template is most suited for creative product shipping or for a private mailing list printing.

Avery Label Templates Microsoft Word


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  • I’ve just spend 15 frustrating minutes that I didn’t have trying to locate a standard Avery label template but instead was directed to more sites with more choices, one of which my security software blocked saying it was a very dangerous site. also found this: Add-In Avery Wizard is not compatible with Word 2010 (Beta). It used to be so simple. The templates were in Word and very accessible. Now it is simply not friendly.