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Birthdays happen literally every single day of the year. The hard part is not to actually remember the birthday because luckily we have technology to remind us, but rather what to get the birthday boy or girl. Gifts are always great, a majority come from an impersonal store and he/she might even get doubles of some presents. The advantage of giving a personalized coupon is that it can give the gift of quality time and it is considered thoughtful since someone took the time out of their day to make them and personally decide what kind of gifts to give you that you might enjoy. This can range from a free massage from that special someone all the way to a free beer with a group of friends. Regardless of what a coupon may be used for whoever receives it will definitely appreciate the time and thought put into a great personalized coupon for a gift.

Now there are plenty of Birthday Coupon Templates out there but none quite like this. This great template is brightly colored and the content can be changed to fit whatever suites you best. It can even be customized to fit for mother’s day, father’s day, any day you want! Even what the coupons are offered for can be customized so that you can put the appropriate gift you want to offer on each birthday coupon template. It is also easy to download to any computer or laptop.

There are two designs. The first design consists of a solid color for each coupon with white lettering. This particular design can be pretty universal seeing as how it is not too girly to give to a boy. The second design is a little more feminine. The colors on this second design are a little lighter and there are floral designs incorporated into this second template. This is good for females, birthday coupons for your mom or that lucky lady in your life!

When using a birthday coupon template it is important to remember to keep it simple! These are coupons, not novels. If the recipient has to sit there for more than a minute or two to read all of their coupons then it may be possible that too many words were forced on there. Be confident that the birthday coupons you are giving are going to lead to fun, great memories. Limit yourself to how many coupons you give out at a time. These coupons are great for gifts but you do not want to over use them and over book yourself.

All in all birthday coupons are a good idea, especially if you are having trouble figuring out what to get someone. Luckily they can also be customized for almost any situation. As long as the coupons are kept simple and you do not overdo it, they are an amazing investment of time to create new memories and experiences for you and those you care about.

Here is the preview of First Birthday Coupon Template that you should offer to your Father on Father’s Day,
Birthday Coupon Template

Here is the preview of Second Birthday Coupon Template that you should offer to your Mother on Mother’s Day,

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