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Contract Agreement Template

Verbal contracts can damage an otherwise great relationship when misunderstandings arise. Having a tangible, agreement in the form of a hard-copy contract can help address and alleviate potential issues as they surface when conducting business transactions or a myriad of other activities where clear expectations must be agreed upon.

Having a contract agreement template available at your disposal will save time, money and heartache by allowing anyone to quickly print or electronically establish a valid agreement between parties.A contract agreement template is wonderful because it allows for fully customized, professional documents that can be tailored to any agreement type.

People tend to shy away from formal contracts because they feel these documents cannot be created without the skill of an attorney, or perhaps that a contract can be perceived as being pushy. However, utilizing a contract agreement template is the best solution because it allows someone to seamlessly present a valid, professional document without calling a lot of attention to the matter at hand. Being able to effectively record expectations and commitments without creating an over-the-top, intimidating process is the absolute best way to proceed in any transaction.

Finally, this contract agreement template successfully accommodates complex transactions where the devil is in the details. A written contract serves the purpose of addressing the outcome of not-so-obvious considerations that typically arise as a transaction progresses, or fails to progress for that matter. Agreeing upon terms to settle possible disputes is one of the best reasons for having a valid contract drawn up.

This template allows the user to:

• Add and remove lines to accommodate length of agreement

• Customize and edit agreement to include payment, time and terms details

• Easily accessible and ready for electronic use in MS Word versions 2003 – 2010

• Track progress on projects, payments and agreement amendments; and

• Clearly notate contact information, responsible parties and other valid agreement information

Short Description: This is a professional looking Contract Template written using MS Word 2007 with full focus on Ease of Use. This template is very useful addition to your/everyone’s personal library of documents and templates.

Here is preview of this Contract agreement Template,

Contract Agreement Template Word


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    […] Contract Agreement Template | Microsoft Word Templates […]

  • […] Contract Agreement Template | Microsoft Word Templates […]

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  • […] Contract Agreement Template | Microsoft Word Templates […]

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