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A credit reminder is very important to send out to customers because that is going to be a good way to keep people coming back to your business. If you are nice enough to offer a service that will remind a customer when a payment is due, so that they can make their payments on time and in full; they are more likely to return and even recommend your company/business to friends and family. This also ensures that no one will accuse you go ruining their credit because your business failed to remind them of an upcoming bill.

Using a credit reminder template to design a credit reminder is the easiest way to do so. Using a template makes the format and writing out a credit reminder easier and more accurate. It also ensures that the information will be set up in the exact same way for each and every reminder sent out.

Using this particular credit reminder template works with Microsoft Word, it works best with the most current and up to date version. It is easy to make sure all numbers that are required are included. (Account, Invoice, P.O., Etc.). There are also places for more than one address for a customer so you are able to send it to them via home or work or even a P.O. Box to ensure that they will receive it and be able to make their payment(s) on time and in full.

Especially useful is the portion of the credit reminder that is for customer use, so that the customer can indicate how the payment is being made and also how much is enclosed toward the payment that is due.

Here is the preview of this credit reminder template,

Credit Reminder – Word Templates



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  • […] Credit Reminder – Word Templates | Microsoft Word Templates […]