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For Sale Flyer – Word Template

When you want to sell an item or items, yet you need to get the word out there are many options out there that can help you. While auctions and advertising cost money just to get the material or to post the item, you might not get anyone local to come pick it up. By using a professional For Sale Flyer you can easily spread the word yourself at a low cost, and from your home computer.

With our For Sale Flyer template that you can easily download in a matter of seconds to your home computer, you can create professional For Sale Flyers that you can put wherever you might think of. Hang one in that car you are trying to sell, or if you live in an apartment the community board. There are places at your local hardware store or grocery store, and especially the laundry mat where people can see what you have available.

When you edit your For Sale Flyer be sure and list enough detail to draw attention to the item. If it is a car, list make, year and model, as well as a price tag and your phone number. There needs to be some way for the customer to get a hold of you.

How you can use it:

1. This advertising only costs you the paper and ink you print it on.

2. You can print as many as you like to spread the word quickly.

3. Each template can be modified with text, font and color to fit your sale.

4. Hang them in many different places so that people will see them all over.

5. Can be re-used over and over again changing things as you need to.

Short Description: Here goes another very useful templates, Everyone near us is in need of Flayers on different occasions to print and use. Here is a Microsoft Word Template that will help you to quickly print a For Sale flyer.We created this templates in MS 2000 So you need to have this version of MS Office or latest one to Edit it, this Flyer for sale Template is easy to edit and use, and we hope it’ll help you to save your lot of time.

Here is the preview of for sale flyer template,
For Sale Flyer – Word Template



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