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Free Award Certificate Template

An award certificate is an excellent way to congratulate an employee, student, club member, or citizen, for a special kind of achievement that has been recognized by others. Certainly, it is easy to go to a store and purchase a couple of award certificates. The fact is that those very certificates are used by millions of others. Instead, download and use the completely free and customizable award certificate template that is featured on this page. Make the certificate very specific and unique by editing the fields or adding more fields to the template.

Template Advantages

Schools, companies, and communities want to praise individuals. An award certificate template will simplify the entire process. Why spend hours trying to create just the right award certificate. Instead download an award certificate template that provides all the basic information. Customize it to fit your specific situation. The entire process might only take several minutes to create a very professional quality award certificate.

Template Features

This is a professional quality award certificate that is sure to get positive attention from everyone. The colors are striking and bold. At the top is the phrase, Award of Merit. This field is followed by a section to place the name of the recipient. There is a section to display the reason for the award. Followed by a section for the date of the award. A brilliant graphical star is placed in the center and followed by fields for signatures. Of course, it is also easy to add more information or customize those fields.

Here is its preview. Feel free to download it and edit this free award certificate template.

Free Award Certificate Template

Tips for using this free award certificate template:

  • Here are a few tips to get you started creating Award certificates.
  • Download the award certificate template to your computer.
  • Edit fields to reflect your specific situation.
  • Save the new custom template to a file for future use.


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