Merry Christmas Greeting Cards

Despite the popularity of texting and e-mail as ways to send greetings, there are some time-honored Christmas traditions that are still considered touching and meaningful. One of them is sending and receiving decorative, festive Christmas cards. Even in the 21st Century people love to receive beautiful Christmas cards. They are displayed on fireplace mantels, hung in a row on kitchen walls, and used in place of ornaments on Christmas trees. Many people collect them the same way they collect cherished photos.

A Merry Christmas Greeting Card template makes the creation of your own personalized Christmas cards easy and fun. A template gives you the basic formatting for your card, so that you can try out different images and artistic effects before you print out the finished card.

Once you have downloaded the template, there are unlimited ways you can personalize it. Add text, photos, borders, or other decorations. Add a touching personal note, or a brief family update. After you make the changes you want, save the changes you made. You can then print out as many cards as needed, to give away to friends and family.

Our Merry Christmas Greeting Card Template

This template being offered includes a beautiful picture of a golden heart pendant dangling from the branches of a Christmas tree. It has a standard greeting on the front, and format boxes inside, in which to place your own personalized greeting and photo. You can use the format exactly as suggested, or edit the size, design and characters any way you choose.

Our Merry Christmas Greeting Card template is free to use, and created to be used on an MS Word document. It is compatible with MS Word 2003 through 2010. Simply download the link below the template. It will open up in your MS Word program, ready for you to customize however you wish.

Here is the preview of Merry Christmas Greeting card Template,

Merry Christmas Greeting Cards



Tips On Using The Template

  • * Your MS Word program has instructions if you need them on how to add special effects.
  • * Add your own clip art to the card design to make it especially attractive.
  • * Remember to save any changes you make.
  • * Use high-quality card stock instead of paper for a professional look.

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