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As a business owner, you also need to accurately manage all products or services that your business is providing. If your customers or potential customers don’t know what your business has to offer, how will they be able to decide to use your company over others? The answer is they won’t. Without a system to manage this information your business will suffer. The most convenient way to makes this information easily accessible to customers and for your company records is by using a Statement of Services Template.

Our Statement of Services template is designed to be excellent for stating your services and products. Your company’s name, address, phone number, logo, and other important information are placed at the head of the template, making the information impossible to miss. The list of products and services offered is easily read and to the point, with no colors or a cluttered design to distract the customer. Each product or service is named, as well as its description. This straightforward design makes it readable and clear to both your clients and business.

When using this Statement of Services template remember some key points. You want the information to be concise. If it’s too long or unclear, it will be useless to both yourself and your customers. Our template can be modified using Microsoft Word and is compatible with the 2003 to 2010 editions. With this ease of customization, it is an uncomplicated way to design the perfect Statement of Services by making it fit your needs. Make sure your company’s information is complete, as the colors will immediately draw attention to it. Be clear in what services or products are being offered, and give each product its own unique description to make it stand out from the rest. Follow these tips and your customers will be satisfied.

Here is preview of Statement of Services Template,

Statement of Services Template Word



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