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Basic Agenda Template

Meetings can be tedious. Unorganized meetings can be even worse. An agenda will keep you on task as well as the other attendees. Thankfully there is a free template to help you set up your meeting and stick to a schedule. With our free meeting agenda template you can streamline your meeting into a formulated minute by minute event. Organize times, topics and speakers to make your meeting more efficient. From start-ups to established businesses, meeting agendas are a necessary tool.

This Basic agenda is created in MS Word and compatible with both the 2003 and 2010 version. Designing the agenda is easy. Simply download the free template and organize your meeting according to your time frame. You can choose exactly how long you’d like your meeting to stay on any certain task, speaker, break or topic. Handing the printed schedule that you created with our template to the attendees will inform them as to how the meeting will flow.

The design of the basic template is very simple. There are three columns for Time, Topic and Speaker. You can include a broad description of your meeting with the schedule featured below. However, this template is customizable so you can change items according to your meetings specifications. It is as simple as manipulating any MS Word document you have in the past.

When using this template be sure to keep your descriptions short and to the point. You want to have the topic sections with precise descriptions of what will take place at that time. Allow your different topics enough time and be sure to include who is supposed to be leading off the topic or speaking. Don not forget to include appointed breaks if applicable. This template is completely customizable and editable therefore the design is up to you.

Here is the preview of  agenda template,

Basic Agenda Template Word


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