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Camp Flyer Template

As the owner or manager of a camp, you know just how important advertising can be. You want to get the word out about your camp, so that you can get people to come and stay with you. One way you can advertise your camp is by using this camp flyer template.

This template allows you to create a camp flyer that advertises all that you have to offer. The template is simple enough for anyone to use, and it is completely free to download. Designed in MS Word and compatible with the 2003 to 2010 versions, it allows you to create a custom flyer that meets you needs.

This camp flyer template includes space for you to share all that your camp has to offer. It even includes space for you to add in pictures of your camp and of people enjoying their experience there.

Short Description: We create this Camp Flyer Template by using MS Word 2003 and you can easily edit it with your desired information, it don’t require much skills of Ms word you just have to have the same or latest version of Ms Word in your computer in order to edit and print it out. Just download it from the link giving below and start editing it by following the instructions that we provide in this Camp Flyer Template.

On this event, you can surprise your family members/friends with this professional Camp Flyer.

Here is preview of Camp Flyer Template,

Camp Flyer Template WordFlyer Word Templates

Tips for Using a Camp Flyer Template:

1. Think about the intended audience… what would they want to see and read in order to feel that your camp is a place where they would have fun? What are the benefits of your camp to them? Why should they choose your camp over any other camps out there?

2. Include pictures that show the best of what your camp has to offer, and caption the pictures so that the reader understands just what they are seeing.

3. Take advantage of the space provided for a headline, and fill in something exciting and fun, that will draw the reader in.

4. Always include your camp logo – if you have one – in the space provided on the template.

5. Be descriptive, passionate, and fun when you are writing out the information about your camp. You want the reader to love what you have to say.


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