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Tri-Panel Invitation Flyer Template

Using our Tri-Panel Invitation Flyer Template is simple and free. A professional flyer invitation will showcase your event in an eye-pleasing style while providing your guests with all the information that they will need to know in order to attend.

This Invitation Flyer Template is designed in MS Word and is compatible with both the 2003 and 2010 versions. It will be as manageable as any other document you’ve ever manipulated using MS Word. A template gives you a format to organize your flyer that is fast and can be done at the last minute if needed. This flyer template has all of the sections included that you will need to create a very informative and professional invitation.

Our Tri-Panel Invitation Flyer Template can be used for both a business or personal event. It includes areas for event theme, timing, schedule and any other information you’d like to give your guests. This template is completely customizable and editable and can be designed to your liking. Patterns include a simple flyer invitation, half fold, tri fold and many other options.

When creating your Invitation Flyer be sure to include all the information your potential guests will need. If this is a special occasion then design your invitation to compliment your theme. Directions to your event should be clear and any additional information should be informative as well as concise.

With this Tri-Panel Invitation Flyer Template your event, whether it be personal or professional, is sure to stand out.

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Tri-Panel Invitation Flyer Template Word