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Printed letterhead is important for both traditional and electronic correspondence because it allows the recipient to easily identify a company or individual’s brand. A template also provides an enhanced sense of customer confidence and allows the sender of the correspondence to maintain uniform, professional looking documents. Generating correspondence upon letterhead gives outgoing letters an official, business quality that readers will take seriously and be attentive to.

Utilizing a letterhead template

Creating professional letters is best accomplished by using a pre-made letterhead template. This allows more than one person to create consistent, professional documents in any setting. From small businesses that may be made up of one or two professionals and one assistant, to larger companies that have several different departments, a letterhead template ensures that all parties are representing the organization in a consistent, professional manner.

Specialized design

This letterhead template is a perfect example of a fully customizable, attractive letterhead that can be used for many industries and both personal and professional correspondence. To derive the most benefits from this professional letterhead template:

Template user tips

• Copy and paste or upload your personalized logo to the upper left corner of the address block

• Modify the color palate to match your business brand and image

• Select a font specific to your organization that will be easily distinguishable and easy to read

• Create a solid address block where the recipient can easily view company contact information

• Create an attractive, unique but professional closing salutation and signature block


Short Description: This Letterhead Template is created by using MS Word 2003. With help of this template you can prepare professional looking letterheads without paying a single penny to anyone. This great template can help you to create as many Letterheads as you want. As we mention above that this template is created by ms word 2003, so you have to have the same or latest version of MS Word in your computer in order to edit it.

Here is its preview,

Letterhead Template Word

A letterhead template can be a company’s best resource for presenting their organizations image through correspondence from any department. This template can be used by Human Resources to potential job candidates, and from Marketing and Publicity to Business Development professionals. Utilizing a letterhead template is beneficial for both small business and larger sized corporations.

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