Price List Templates

A price list is a listing of different services or products provided by any certain company. It is the finalized list published or displayed by the manufacturer or retailer, on which the product name and id is posted against the expected price. In many cases, this price is not final, and is subject to further discount policy of the retailer. On the other hand, sometimes the retailers do not permit any discounts in the price list.

At first, the price tag law was implemented. It was hugely in favor with the business community and traders. Gradually, the importance of price tags faded away, giving way to the Price List Template, which have become the most important template as far as the prices are displayed in a retailer or whole sale outlet. Using a Price List Template, all the products are listed on a single document, using the product ID numbers, making it convenient for the sales persons and the customers. It is the easiest way to highlight prices and to keep in accordance with the laws. The price list may be presented to the retailers by the manufacturers, showing the expected prices, or it may be displayed by the retail shops, in accordance to their own budget.

The importance of an ideal and professional Price List Template can never be ignored. But to prepare a comprehensive and yet convenient price list is also totally important. For that reason, you can download below a professionally created Price List Templates, those are both easy to use, and also convenient to modify.

Our Price List Templates includes the service or product ID, type, description, and the expected price. You can fill in all the details, and also customize it by adding your company name and logo, etc.

Here we are going to share 3 price list templates for you, one is prepared in Microsoft Excel and other two are prepared by using Microsoft Word 2007. Below are previews and download links to these templates, have a look at them and download the one template that suits best to your needs, or if you want you can download all of them just free of cost. Have fun using these templates and don’t forget to leave the comment if you like them. Cheers!

Here is the preview of first Free Price List Templates, (Format is MS Excel)

Price List Templates


Download-Templates.jpg (184×32)

Here is the preview of our second Free Price List Templates,

Price List Templates (1)


Download-Templates.jpg (184×32)

Here is the preview of our third Free Price List Templates,

Price List Templates (2)


Download-Templates.jpg (184×32)


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