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Expense Report Template

Expense, or expenditure, is normally referred to as an outflow of money from the account or wallet of one person to another person or group in return for an item or service, or any other cost. In the business world, expense has a much more detailed and definite meaning. It is the outpouring of money in the form of cash or some other valuable resources, from an individual or an organization to another person or company. This flow of cash is usually one side of a deal or trade for product or services that are required to the buyer. Technically speaking, an expense refers to the fact that an asset has been consumed, or a liability is deserved. It is also known as reduced equity of the owner.

Here, we have a special type of Expense Report Template, which helps employees to organize their daily more skillfully and assist in your business matters. An expense report is a type of certificate that lists all the expenses that an individual or employee has acquired as an outcome of any business operation or maneuver. This template provides mechanical speed and steering processing moment for employee reimbursement.

A typical expense report is a form that an employee fills out, detailing all the expenses that he has given out himself for business uses. It includes all the expenses incurred during an official trip, like airline ticket, meals, rents, etc. in such a case, the employee is expected to submit an expense report showing all of these charges to the company. It is then the company’s duty to re-compensate the particular employee for these expenses. As a rule, these expenses are judged as business expenses and are tax deductible.

Now, you do not have to worry for creating such an expense report template. We have got the one just for your requirements, and that too, in no time at all. It allows you to keep track of all the expenses occurred, the original amount that was being given to you and the repayment required. You can simply download the expense report template from below and modify it to suit your requirements, like adding your company information, and other details. As it is prepared by using MS Excel 2007 so you must have to have same or latest version of MS Excel in your computer in order to edit and modify it.

Here is the preview to this Free Expense Report Template,

Expense Report Template


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