Free Voucher Templates

Here, you can find special voucher templates that can be used for any purpose you require. These free voucher templates can be used for business purposes, as well as for personal purposes, for instance, the gift vouchers, Christmas vouchers, etc. Also, a company can grant this gift voucher to their best employees for their hard work.


Vouchers can be presented any time of the year. While it is typical to award them on birthdays and Christmas, they are also suitable for other occasions such as Valentines Day or anniversaries. In fact, you should not even wait for a holiday at all to offer a gift certificate voucher – it can be given as a present or surprise just to show your care and concern.

Offering presents is one of the most widespread and proper ways to show your dearly loved how much he/she means to you and that there is nothing more important to you than his/her pleasure. Gift vouchers have replaced the trend of giving material presents. A gift certificate voucher, though, doesn’t essentially have to be a present. It can be used as an advertising means if you send your clients a free gift voucher through mail. You can send a gift certificate voucher for a discount off a product or service you offer- it is sure to fetch them in crowds. Teachers can also use a gift certificate voucher to give awards to students, such as free pass on a pop quiz for any extraordinary effort. Professional managers and employers can give vouchers to their employees for encouragement.

You can use our voucher templates as it is just by adding your custom information or you can also change its format and contents according to your requirements.

Here is the preview of our first Free Voucher Template,

Free Voucher Templates


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Here is the preview of our Second Free Voucher Template,

Free Voucher Templates (1)


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Here is the preview of our third Free Voucher Template,

Free Voucher Templates (2)

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