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SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method. It has been categorized into external and internal factors. These are – Strength and Weaknesses are internal factors, while Opportunities and Threats are external factors. In simple words, SWOT analysis refers to detail the objective of the project or business enterprise and classify the different factors that are both complimentary and critical to achieve that particular objective.

A SWOT analysis process must first of all start with clearly describing a desired end state or goal. A SWOT analysis may be integrated into the well known strategic planning model for businesses.

Explicit identification of SWOTs components is vital because succeeding steps in the course of planning for accomplishment of the selected objective may be resultant from the SWOTs.

First of all, the executives or decision makers have to verify whether the objective is manageable, on the basis of the present SWOTs. If the objective is NOT achievable a different objective must be chosen and the method repeated once again.

The SWOT analysis is often used in academic circles to stress and spot out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is principally helpful in discovering areas for improvement.

We have a professionally designed and created SWOT Analysis template. This template provides the new comer all the necessary information to perform his SWOT analysis easily and without any complication. Our SWOT Analysis Template is the first phase of planning and assists marketers to focus their center of attention on key issues. The usefulness of our SWOT analysis template is not restricted to profit-seeking institutes only. SWOT analysis template may be used by any administrative situation when a preferred end-state or objective has been definite.

Here is the preview of this Free SWOT Analysis Template,

SWOT Analysis Word Template


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  • Nice post. Thank you very much for sharing interesting post. SWOT Analysis or the TOWS Matrix is a strategic marketing tool designed to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of a business plan. Nice post. Keep going on.

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