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Bi Fold Template

A template can be of many different styles and shapes. There are straight templates, like those used for a postcard. Then there are the bi fold and tri fold templates, and also with four panels or sections. It is up to you to decide which type of template would suit best for your specific purpose.

The most common layouts are the bi fold and tri fold. The bi fold has one fold, creating four panels, with two pages. This is our bi-fold template, which you can use to create cards, brochures, and many other stuff. It is an ideal solution for a customized professional brochure for your company, as brochures are an important part of any business’s marketing plan. They are portable, inexpensive to create, and offer credibility to a business.

You can use our bi fold template as your base design. This template includes all the necessary visual guidelines to ensure a flawless final product. It is easily editable, and contains sufficient space for your business or other details, along with a customized image. Just preview the file, and make the required changes, like adding your business information and contact details, and other necessary information. Fonts can be changed and text easily modified. Colors are accurately defined, and folds set up for high-quality printing.

This lively and engaging bi-fold brochure template will appeal to young people and is suitable for use as a travel brochure, lifestyle or hospitality brochure. Feel free to customize and use as per your requirements.

Here is the preview of this Free Bi Fold Template,



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