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Monthly Report Template

While creating any type of projects, the project team has to give special attention to creating and sending progress reports at periodic intervals to the executives and sponsors. These monthly reports help the respective personnel to maintain an overview of the project and monitor the current progress. These reports also come in handy where they have to make any required decisions, like providing the project with further funds, or other resources, etc. These reports also help to prepare a documented proof of the progress along with the discussions and decisions  that may be helpful in future planning and development.

The monthly report should include all the necessary details wanted to make any further advancements and suggestions for the project and also to keep a record of the regular progress of the project and other related tasks. These monthly reports have to include all the main issues related to the specific project, along with any arising problems and their solutions, in a very readable format to allow easy comprehension by the board of directors, and all the readers addressed in the monthly report.

Along with adding all the required information, it is very important that you create the report in its standard format approved by the company. To help you with the format and outline of a monthly project report, here we have created our free monthly report template to help you describe in the proper way, the progress of your project for any given month and then report on their performance at the end of the month. The template has been created according to a general model, and can be used easily for a wide range of purposes and requirements. On the other hand, you can easily adjust the template to suit your own specific project needs.

Here is a preview of our monthly report template. You can use the link given below to download it, and start creating your own monthly project report in no time at all.


Monthly Report Template


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