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Payment Voucher Template

Voucher is a written record of expenditure, disbursement or completed transaction. A payment voucher is a certificate worth a definite value in cash, and it may be used only under some particular reasons, or for some particular items. A voucher is in simple words, a sort of receipt and can be used as a verification that a specific service has been carried out or that an expenditure has been made. After making payment and receiving payment voucher, your liability is settled down.

Generally, payment vouchers may be used for housing, travel and food expenses. Payment vouchers are the need of today’s business. They ensure you that the flow of information is accurate and consistent. Payment vouchers are being used widely in every aspect of life. To create your own payment voucher, you can use our payment voucher template to create your own payment vouchers.

Shown below is our payment voucher template that can be used for creating your specific payment vouchers, for your personal as well as business use.

You can use this template easily after you download it on your computer. You can even decide on any required alterations in its details or layout. You can edit this template to be a sign of your company’s theme or logo. We have created this payment voucher templates in MS Word, making it very easily editable.

Here is the preview of this Free Payment Voucher Template,

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