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Progress Report Template

A progress report is an intermediate report, presented at regular periods of time before the completion of a project, once the project proposal has been accepted and the project has been started. It is usually a brief report, explaining the progress made on a given project or set of projects.

For example, if you are the project director of a very important and profitable project for your organization, you have to provide regular updates about the status and progress of your project to your client as well as your seniors to keep them posted on all the recent happenings. For these progress updates, project managers use progress reports to communicate all the progress details.

A progress report should be an honest and straight expression of how the project is going. The best way to write a good and useful project report is to be frank about all the obstacles coming in the way, and any other constraints that might appear out of the blue. You need to explain clearly and completely the problems you face and how you intend to overcome or compensate for them.
Progress reports can be written in a number of different styles, but the basic pattern remains the same. As a progress report addresses the seniors and clients, it uses a formal and serious tone, and mainly covers the following main topics:

  • 1. The progress made and milestones accomplished during the specified time period.
  • 2. The major problems faced, and their suggested solutions.
  • 3. Scheduled time for the project completion or for the next objective. If the project is on schedule or certain measures have to be taken to get back on schedule.

Usually, project managers utilize ready to use report templates to save a lot of their precious time in designing and arranging the format for the progress report. A good progress report template definitely helps in preparing an official progress report. Below, you can see our authentic progress report template that anyone can use easily. Just download the file from the download link shown below, and customize it to suit your project requirements.

You can add in all the details related to your company and project and also customize it to include any other information that you might feel necessary. Once you edit the template to suit to your requirements, you can use the file for each of your periodic progress report.

Here you can see the preview of our Free Project Progress Report Template,

Progress Report Template

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