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Salary Certificate Template

A salary certificate is a document that is composed by an employer and delivered to its employee containing all the required details about the employee, his name, his designation and salary in parts. The main purpose of a salary certificate is to officially state that the said person is an employee of the organization on the defined status and has been designated on this specific salary. A salary certificate has to contain all details of salary like the basic salary, bonuses, allowances etc.

A salary certificate is a format that highlights critical information about an employee. A salary certificate is a very multi purpose, handy tool for an employee, and is used in various aspects, like opening bank accounts, applying for loan, or credit card, availing different financial programs, or presenting as proof of employment in that organization, and can be used as evidence in any court of law.

A salary certificate is a legal document. Salary certificate confirms the employment relationship with company. To make sure that the salary certificate is genuine you have to give special care to the format of the salary certificate, that it follows the standard format and outline. In case you are required to create salary certificates for your personal or official situation, and are not well comfortable with designing it yourself, you can use ready made templates available all over the internet.

Here is our generalized salary certificate template that can be used by any type of organization. You can customize and use this template without having to bother for any sort of programming or designing skills. You can change its contents according to your needs or follow its format to draft a new one.

Here is the preview of this Free Salary Certificate Template,

Salary Certificate Template


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