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Face Sheet Template

A face sheet is a type of cover document that shows required details about a specific person, or a group of people. Normally, a Face Sheet provides a quick insight into the patient’s history. It is used to show information of patients in hospitals and health centers at a quick glance. It can consist of contact details, a summary of his medical history and the level of functioning, along with the patient’s inclination and wishes. A face sheet can be used to present information about a patient right from his admission in hospital till the discharge time.

Similarly it can be used for several other purposes. It can come in handy where you have to keep records of your employees, or some other group of people, as you can have the complete data at a single place. While creating a face sheet, you have to take care that it is a professional document, and has to be designed in a professional way.

Here we present a free Face Sheet Template that will help you in recording information about your patients or staff members in a more organized way. This is a ready to use format of face sheet template that you can use directly or use it as a model to design your own face sheet. It is a very useful word template where you can update and customize the file completely to suit your requirements. Using this face sheet template makes it much quicker to add Face Sheet information for new patients and you can create unique as well as interesting templates by yourself.

Here is a preview of this Free Face Sheet Template,

Face Sheet Template

Face Sheet Template (1)

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