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Salary Slip Template

A salary slip, or a pay slip, is an official and legal statement, which is issued by an employer, and is distributed among the employees. A pay slip is specifically created for each employee, containing the employee’s basic salary, additions, deductions & other related details. Most importantly, a salary slip contains the total salary that the employee is entitled to, in the respective month, along with a breakdown of each part of payment e.g. part by cheque, part in cash.

The Pay Slip Template is used by companies to give written documented proof to employees of payroll. Every employer is legally obliged to provide each of his permanent or regular employees with a written itemized statement of pay. This salary slip must be issued at, or before, the time of payment to the employee.

While creating your own salary slip for your employees, you have to make sure that you are following the universally accepted format of a salary slip. For a ready made outline design, you can use this salary slip template to create your own salary slip. This template is customizable to fit your company’s specific use and requirements. All you have to do is, download the file, and customize it according to your requirements, adjusting the fields to the rules of your company. Fill in the required fields with your details, and you can print it out through any printer, on an A4 size paper, or any other size that you require. For a professional touch, you can also use your company’s own letterhead paper.

Here is the preview of this Free Salary Slip Template,

Salary Slip Template

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