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Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is a form of recognition which is usually given to someone by a community college for meeting specific curriculum requirements. These certificates must be approved by the state and have a defined entry point that will allow access to certain occupations. They are used in trade and vocational schools and are different from a college or university degree.

Getting a certificate of completion from a community college or a trade school will show that you have knowledge in a certain area and this will open you up to various jobs, giving you an advantage in the work force. Getting a certificate of completion is a major accomplishment, even though it is not as formal as obtaining a college or university degree. It shows employers that you have developed skills by training in a specific area, and this can raise your marketability for a job that requires those certain skills.

It is not an official degree, but will give you access to specialized jobs and show how knowledgeable you are in that defined area. It will give you the support of a school and the proof that you have went through training processes that taught you how to perform certain technical skills and tasks. Rather than relying on your word alone, employers will have proof that you have the required skills for a certain job. There are various different types of these certificates, including coursework in a career-focused area.

Cyber security, emergency management, marketing and project management are some examples of what types of skills you can enhance with a certificate of completion, and will all open you up to new jobs or higher positions. These certificates are most useful when a job requires some education, but not an entire degree. Many specialty job skills are not available as a degree on their own, so you may need to get a certificate of completion.

How to make your own certificate of completion:

Making your own certificate is a very simple task. It must include a few key items that will be presented in a organized and professional looking manner. It may be wise to use a certificate of completion template, which will give the certificate the exact layout that it needs, and will help you to know where to put each piece of information. The process is easy and effortless.

There are many templates you can find online that feature different layouts, borders, colors and fonts, allowing you to personalize the certificate of completion. ‘Certificate of completion’ must be written on the top of the certificate in bold letters to know what kind of certificate it is.

It will then say, “This acknowledges that [recipient’s name] has successfully completed the [program name]”. This sentence should go in the middle of the page.

There will need to be an official signature from the program’s coordinator giving proof that the certificate is valid. This usually goes at the bottom left hand side of the page, on a solid line.

Note: Without the signature, the certificate is useless and will not help recipients get any jobs. The signature is what gives the certificate its legitimacy.

The certificate will also need to be dated. The date should go on the bottom right hand side of the page across from the official signature.

Having a certificate of completion opens doors in business and other occupations, especially trade such as welding and mechanic work. They are different from degrees but are often times just as helpful in landing someone a job. Making the certificate is a very easy process, but it is very important to have a valid signature.

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