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Invoice Template

It’s important when you bill your customers that you send them an invoice that is informative, professional, and well designed. Creating a great looking invoice can be a challenge for many people or company’s. However, utilizing our free invoice template, you simplify the process and create great looking invoices for your customers.

Why Use a Template

Not everyone is the best at design, but if you use this invoice template, the design is already taken care of for you. Using this template will also give your employees one document to use for all their invoice needs. Standardizing your company’s documents such as invoices is a great way to give your business a much more professional appearance that will instill confidence in both your vendors and your customers.

Invoice Template Features

Our invoice template is available for free and compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word beginning with 2007. Every field of the template is editable so you can customize it for your company’s needs quite easily. Separate fields are including for billing and shipping address, product numbers and descriptions, price, total and even tax calculations. You will find every type of field you need to create a great looking, informative invoice for your customers. Add your own logo and company name and you will create a custom invoice designed for specifically for your company in a matter of minutes.

I think you will find that by using our free invoice template, you can easily create a custom invoice template for your company in a matter of minutes. This template can then be distributed to all your employees and be used as the standard for your company. It’s important for you to be sure that every aspect of your business functions perfectly and looks great as well. Using this free invoice template is the perfect way to create a professional invoice that your customers will appreciate.

Preview of invoice template,