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Sales invoice template

Whether you own your own business or work for a large corporation, you are often judged by your billing practices. Every part of the invoicing process will be scrutinized by anyone you do business with. In addition to maintaining the best billing practices, you also want any documentation or invoices that will be viewed by your client to look professional while providing very detailed information about what you are billing. Using an effective invoice template will allow you to quickly create professional looking invoices that provide every detail about you and your customer needs.

Using this free invoice template, you can easily create invoices for your clients that look great and give them all the information you need. The invoice template provides fields for every detail of your product or service including separate fields for billing and shipping addresses and terms, fields for the person handling the sale at your company, unit price, discounts and much more. Virtually every detail of a sale can be recorded on the invoice template so you and your customer will know exactly what is in each bill.

The free invoice template is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 through Microsoft Word 2013 and can easily be modified to suit your company’s style and color as well as any custom information you may require. It is important to look professional and organized in every aspect of your business. This includes the billing process. By using this free invoice template, you can quickly and easily create invoices for all your clients that look good while providing all the information you need to ease the billing process for your customers.

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