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Appointment Card Template

People these days are very busy. They must balance their home and business lives and do it flawlessly. If you have a business, one of the tried and true methods for efficient time management is the appointment card. Whether you are a dog groomer or doctor, the appointment card is an effective means to remind your customers of their future appointments. A appointment card, or ‘recall card’, gives the business owner an opportunity to remind clients of important events such as business meetings and health and beauty appointments. An appointment card template is a convenient method for business owners to remind their clientele of future appointments.

Businesses lose money for every missed appointment due to ‘No Shows’. ‘No shows’, are those people that do not cancel, or simply forget about the appointment. For any company, a No Show costs them considerable revenue. For example, say you ran a beauty salon business. You looked at your appointment book that day, and tallied up that you would make $150.00 for a full day’s work. However, If 2 or 3 people are no-shows, your business has now lost a considerable amount of money. We have to remember that people lead extremely complex lives; balancing business, pleasure and family. No matter how diligent and responsible an individual may be, there is always the off chance of them missing an appointment. In fact, missed appointments are such a revenue killer, that many businesses such as dog grooming parlors, are now dropping clients if they miss more than 3 appointments. Using the appointment card reduces the chances of a no-show, as well as aiding in creating a responsible clientele, an irreplaceable asset to any business.

Downloadable appointment card templates give the entrepreneur a hassle free way to design their own cards. Here are five basic tips to consider in getting the most out of your downloadable appointment card template: Control over the design, reinforcement of your brand, efficient use of resources, labeling options, and ease in editing . First of all, these templates offer each business the opportunity to design an effective and professional reminder. The entrepreneur has control over some aspects of the design. As a result, the appointment card template can reflect their individual brand, and as we all know, reinforcing your businesses brand is essential for continued success. In order to save time and money, the entrepreneur may decide to incorporate the appointment card on the back of the business card: In effect, one side of the card contains the information of the business, and the back of the card holds the information that will record the clients next appointment. This is the most efficient method, in that the client does not have to scurry about, searching for the businesses contact information if an emergency were to occur. Downloadable templates also may be used for appointment card labels, or ‘peel and stick’ appointment cards. We all know that very busy people live by their calendars. When you use a downloadable appointment card template as a label, that label can then be removed by the client, and placed on their business or home calendar. Finally, the appointment card template is designed for quick and easy editing. Those with little or no experience with graphic design software will appreciate the ease with which they can edit the template. The ability to edit your card is very important, in case there are alterations in your business information, such as a change in contact information.

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Our downloadable appointment card templates are designed for the professional in mind. With our templates, you are free to alter the font styles, colors along with alterable text fields. For example, if the available text field does not suit the business professional, they are able to alter it to their choosing.
The professional is able to now print their own business cards, with an appointment reminder on the back, as well as use this template to create the aforementioned peel and stick label. All in all, our versatile downloadable appointment card templates will enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your establishment.