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Bridal Shower Invitation Template

Bridal showers were once the domain for brides-to-be. A friend of the bride, or her maid of honor, would host the event, send out the invitations and handle the other details. Friends, co-workers and family members would all get an invitation.

Over the years, several things have changed. At one time, invitations were always on white or cream-color paper, and there were not men involved.Today we have the couple’s shower, where both the bride-to-me and her chosen groom are “showered” with gifts to help them get started on their new life together. It is a nice gesture, and the couple gets things that are often practical.

Now, when couple-showers are held, some friends of the groom are naturally invited. They receive the same announcement as the friends of the bride. Thus, the invitation has to be appropriate for the couple.

Thus, the ability to adjust the invitation to fit the theme of the shower is important. This bridal shower invitation template addresses that issue. It is completely customizable, including the art, background colors, typeface, wording, everything.

Having a model that can be customized solves all the issues associated with the design and production of the invitations. The sample invitation can be used as they are presented or modified in any way that is desired.

Invitations to shows in the past were either printed professionally, depending on the size of the wedding, and who was getting married, to being sold in boxes with a fixed number that also required buying one extra box because one more invitation was needed.

Wedding showers are important because it is not always everyone who is invited to attend the actual wedding, depending on location, date, time and other similar details.

Furthermore, the invitation adds a bit of personalization for the person receiving it. Unlike the wedding invitations that are either engraved, or printed on high-quality stock, the shower invitation is more personal.

Those hosting the shower, can if they desire, write a short personal note to the guest, if they know them. In that note, the host can emphasize the hope that the guest will be able to attend and take part in the celebration.

Sometimes, couples have themed showers, such as kitchen tools for the bride and workshop tools for the groom. With the ability to customize the invitation, this message can be easily conveyed, and the artwork can be changed to include a mixer for the bride and a hammer for the groom.

While some people who remember when everything was engraved and when the groom was more or less forgotten until the wedding day, the couples shower brings a certain level of harmony that can help prevent some of the pre-wedding jitters.

Thus, if you are hosting a shower, or if the shower is being held on your behalf, consider the idea of not being tied to tradition. I have a little fun with the invitation and making the groom a part of the event.

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