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Guest book Template

A guest book is a great way to record attendees at your event, ceremony or affair. In addition to their names, telephone numbers and addresses, a guest book will also allow your group to include special remarks. Allowing guests to include heartfelt comments is a wonderful way to commemorate your occasion.

Using a guest book template is recommended because they are fully customizable and can be edited by changing font-styles or even text color to match the theme of your event. A guest book template will help you outline important information that you wish to record in your guest book like guest contact information and other affair-related details.

Remember these five tips when using your guest book template:

• Be creative with your event title. If you are having a celebration for a specific individual, include their name in the title.

• Pick two colors and coordinate your guest book with other party favors and decorations.

• Include a line for guests to record their e-mail addresses for future invitations.

• Your guest book can become a creative center-piece when displayed with balloons or along-side fun props. Allow your guests to include remarks with metallic colored ink-pens, small die-cut paper shapes that can be taped to the book, or even have them incorporate photos they bring with them to the event.

• Also include extra lines in your guest book such as, “relationship to guest-of-honor”, or “time I’ve known the guest of honor”. These fun-facts provide enjoyment to other guests signing-in too.

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Guest books are used for all kinds of events. From weddings to mile-stone birthday celebrations. They are a wonderful way to remember your special day. Our guest book templates allow you to continuously edit and update fields to record text specific to each event you host. Guest books are meaningful and are often used professionally in addition to leisure.

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