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Envelope Templates # 10

Surprisingly, a number of people still prefer corresponding via regular mail. Certainly, sending a letter by regular mail seems more professional with a personal touch. People pay more attention to the mail that they receive in the regular post. Often, email is deleted and never read. However, it is important to make sure that all correspondence looks professional. Therefore, a business letter size template or envelope template # 10 would make creating a perfect business envelope a simple process. Take a look at the professionally designed template on this page. It is perfectly formatted and ready for use.

Using An Envelope Template # 10

Why spend hundreds or thousands on business envelopes. Instead create your own professional quality business envelopes with the template that is included here on this page. This template is easy to edit and customize on your computer. The good news is that you do not need any type of special skills or training to create a wonderfully designed and formatted business envelope with this template. Take advantage of this opportunity to save money and produce high quality envelopes that include formatted fields to include a company logo and addresses. The template is for a #10 envelope which is the size of a business envelope. Remember to use high quality stock to give the printouts a really professional appearance.

Preview of first Envelope Templates # 10,



Preview of second Envelope Templates # 10,



Preview of third Envelope Templates # 10,



Tips On Using An Envelope # 10

  • It is easy to download the template and make changes if desired to the fonts, colors, or the graphics.
  • It is advised to print out the envelopes on a high quality ink jet printer or a laser printer for professional results.
  • Save a copy of the template to a file on your desktop and backup on a flash drive or the cloud for the future.
  • Always print out more envelopes than required. This will prepare you for those emergency situations later on.