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General Invoice Template

With today’s online marketplace and the endless opportunities for self-employment, there will be many occasions where using an invoice template can benefit your business and increase revenue potential. Using an invoice template creates a professional, customized document that customers will immediately recognize and process for payment. A general invoice template can be used to incorporate a business logo, both customer and business contact details, and an easy-to-read itemized transaction list.

Using a General Invoice Template

A general invoice template can be customized so that it coordinates with other business documents and can even include an identifiable business logo. When customers receive a professional invoice they automatically understand and accept it as a viable part of their business transaction with your company and it makes it convenient for them to process and submit the correct payment amount, promptly.

To quickly and easily, customize, process and track professional style invoices:

  • • Use a business-specific font style and company logo for instant image recognition
  • • Incorporate and include the date, invoice and customer ID number for easy tracking
  • • Capture electronic contact information like company website and all applicable e-mail addresses
  • • Itemize cost by unit, item quantity and invoice totals before and after tax; and
  • • Create and include a custom, “Thank you for your business” message that will make customers feel appreciated and want to continue doing business with your company.

An invoice template is a wonderful tool for daily use because it creates a consistent business image. Sending a professional invoice to customers is an excellent way of listing payment terms, client info, totals and taxes that can be conveniently referenced at anytime to track purchase and payment history. Understanding customer purchase habits can allow business owners to extend certain promotions or offers for follow-up purchases to their customers based on a previous transaction as well.

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