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Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template

The celebration of a graduation is a unique live event. It represents both the completion of a goal and the beginning of a new goal. Since a graduation is the product of a number of years of work and study, this is a memorable moment in anyone’s life. Marking this event by inviting family and friends to the ceremony is honored tradition. Even if the graduation is not a school event, but an event at work or at some other type of institution, these templates are perfect to use.

Our graduation ceremony invitation template is designed with just right playful mood. The template comes with a happy graduate holding their diploma. The invitation is bordered with scroll work in silver and goal that mimics scrolls found on diplomas. There is a space for listing the place and time of the ceremony for each guest. The fonts and the color of the text can be modified to suit the occasion. Favorite colors or type of text such as a script or child’s text can be used. And, of course, school or business logo colors can be chosen to accent the invitation.

These invitations are easily printed out and any chances to the attendance list can be handled immediately by the user. The template is easy to modify for each guest. Our templates are original, so your invitations will be unique and stand out. The text on the template can be modified to suit a number of graduation ceremonies. Your guests will enjoy looking at your invitations due to their individual appearance. Users can print out just the amount of invitations they need, instead of spending extra money on invitations that will never be used.

Preview of Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template,



Our graduation invitation template is appropriate for both school and other types of graduation, such as a work training program.