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Halloween Party Invitation Template

At first sight, this Halloween party invitation template seems as if it’s completely plain, if not a little confusing. A dragon? A chameleon? A ghost? Upon closer inspection, however, it appears that it’s a clever little ghost guarding a slight yellow moon. This¬†Halloween party invitation template is adorable and perfect for that younger child’s first Halloween party! Whimsical, cute and just spooky enough to make you gasp, this is the way to go if you’re looking for something fun and not too serious. Along with that it’s more user friendly than you’d expect a template set to be with editable colors, text fields, and even styles of font!

Once you access the website it’s a cake-walk towards using the completely user-customizable template that your child will love! Remember to decide when and where this Halloween party will be. At this point, the decorations will go up. Once that happens, the invitation can be filled (in whichever font you choose) with not only silly, ghouly greetings, but also with details about the party that will be attended.

Once that’s finished you can easily add in the pre-determined time and location that this party will be held at. Once this is completed, just save, print, add your favorite cute, color-co-ordinated envelope and send!

Preview of Halloween Party Invitation Template,



Tips on using this Halloween Party Invitation Template

  • – Make sure to agree on a date. Make sure to agree to a time and location, location, location!
  • When choosing a suitable envelope, I suggest orange with a black trim!
  • – If you want to really impress your guests, use a spooky, gothic font and make sure you remind them that this is a scary time of year!
  • – Halloween is a time for the aesthetic of spook! Make sure to send some scary halloween-themed pictures with your invitation.
  • – If you don’t like the orange/white strong, primary colors, you are able to change them to any color under the rainbow with this user-friendly template changer.
  • – Have a happy Halloween!