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Business Trip Planner Template

The Business Trip Planner form is designed to clearly explain the goals of any business trip to both the traveler and his supervisor. This form covers the areas of expenses, formal contacts and lists the necessary information to complete the trip. This form is available to both the traveler and his home office should any changes or problems arise during the traveler.

The Planner has four parts.

The top part lists the purpose of the trip and the arrival and departure times. The second part contains things to do and is a check list of items to bring on the trip and items to verify before and during travel such as the return trip tickets. This third part of the form is a list of business contacts and the time of any prearranged meetings. There is plenty of space to add more professional visits as the trip progresses. At the end of the trip, this form makes a nice summary of what was accomplished during the trip. The last part of the Planner provides financial data which lets the employee know his budget for the trip. This easily tells both the employee and his manager what the spending limits are on the trip and helps the company adhere to their travel budget.

All of our forms have text that can be edited by the user. This makes the form able to be revised to suit the needs of any company. All of our forms come is colors that can be changed to match corporate colors or simply to make the form more readable. Our forms allow conservation of paper since only the needed copies can be printed and provide security as only limited numbers of employees will review or see the trip agenda. And, of course, our forms can be easily changed as trip goals and needs change in a dynamic business world.

Preview of Business Trip Planner Template,

Business Trip Planner Template