Carnival Flyer Template

When planning an event it is important to have all of the essential tools to make it more successful. Our free Carnival Flyer Template can help you gain the audience that you desire. Flyers can be a beneficial tool while organizing your event. They help explain exactly what your event is and what will be occurring.


There is nothing more simple than using this free downloadable template. It has been designed in MS Word and is compatible with both the 2003 and 2010 version. It is as simple as any other Word document you’ve ever manipulated. The most efficient way to design your flyer is to have your event boldly announced on the heading of the flyer, followed by the date and time of your event. This template includes a section for you to describe your event to maximize interest.

This free carnival template has a simple design for any event. It is completely customizable and editable to coordinate with your plan. The format of the template is designed with a header, date and time section and an area to describe your event.

When using the template be sure to have your header bold and pronounced. This will attract people to read your flyer. Below the event date and time include a detailed yet brief description in regards to your event to excite your audience to attend. Since this carnival template is customizable, the ultimate design is up to you. Download our Free Carnival Flyer Template to capture the biggest audience for your planned event.

Here is the preview of Carnival Flyer Template,

Carnival Flyer Template


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