Donation Receipt Template

In every country there are charitable institutions, church based, non-profit and governmental organizations where people make all kinds of donations that are always kept in records. Technology has reduced the workload by 100%. The free donation receipt template has made it easier and can be adopted by a wide range of donors. This is because; making of the donation receipt templates is also easy through the computer.


The templates can be found online whereas they are open and free for download with either word or excel. Any organization in of the receipt template needs to download, customize by add the name of the organization, details of the donation, the receiver of the donation among other details. All this can be customized in the templates. After that, the organization can just print the donation receipt template right away.

At donations, Receipt Templates make work easier for lots of organizations and the individuals working in that organization. This also has enabled quick and fast transaction become legitimate hence ensuring trustworthiness through a quick receipt. The donation receipt template is made to suit the different kind of organizations that are there in the whole world. Organization’s logo, is necessary in every receipt, others include, donor’s name, individual or a group, value donated, date of donation and the functions, which the donations are for. Some individual prefer to remain anonymous when making a donating. All this can be customized in the template.

The donation receipts templates are good for record keeping. They also help when compiling for tax returns. The charitable organization are tax deductibles, the receipt must include specific information about the value of donation so that the donor will get something in return. With the technology making work easier, an organization can model their own donation receipt, which makes it easier for the donor not to be cheated by fraudsters, using code of a kind rather than a name. The donation receipts templates can be finally signed after it been customized and printed. This ensures that it now a legitimate document.

Donation Receipt Template for Excel® :

donation receipt template for Excel®


Donation Receipt Template for Microsoft® Word :

Donation Receipt Template for Microsoft® Word


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