Payment Receipt Template

Receipts are important document in selling as they provide accountability and reference. They create a strong bond between the customer and the business and will prove everything right in case of any misinterpretation. Receipts will come with variety depending with the kind of business run, product and services sold and the selling terms and conditions stipulated by a given business entity.


Payment receipts template with the date specifies the actual time the purchase was made in case of complain it will be referred to. Also accounting for the outgoing stock in the store will also be recorded.

Payment receipt template with product identification and description helps in specifying the particular purchase for the good and this will benefit in accuracy recording and documentation.

Tax amount for each product purchased benefits in an universal selling and could include selling variety of products unlike payment receipt template with fixed tax rate indicating that the business sells only a given range of product with the tax bracket.

Company information on the payment receipt template helps in efficient communication prior to making orders, consultancy and the customer is sure of the location the business and how to get there is easy too.

For customers who are abroad and internationally placed the receipt template indicate the shipping date and the shipping venue and specifying how to handle such products.

Customer information on the payment receipt template helps the business in tracking their customers and notifying them in case of promotional and in giving discounts. It could also help in creating awareness to the customers in case there is a new product in the store/market.

Receipt number is very important in case of complain and the company/business will prove read the receipt number corresponding with the records available and the solution will be met.

Payment receipt template therefore need to fully consolidate information that will help the customers, the business and the state as well in record keeping and accountability.

Payment Receipt Template for Microsoft® Word :

Payment Receipt Template for Microsoft® Word


Editable Payment Receipt Template :

Editable Payment Receipt Template


Payment Receipt Template for Microsoft® Excel® :

Payment Receipt Template for Microsoft® Excel®


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