Taxi Receipt Templates – 3 Formats for Word

 When riding in a taxi many people pay cash. The only problem with using cash it that it is hard to keep track of. A person may have to turn in proof of the cost of the taxi so they can get reimbursed by their employers. Others may be needed a receipt so they can deduct this ride on their taxes. Now it is easy to get a recipe for riding in a taxi. A taxi receipt template can be downloaded off the internet and can be used to give every customer proof that they paid for the ride .


The taxi receipt is easy to find and to use. All a taxi driver has to do is type in taxi receipt template in an internet search bar. They can then browse through the different receipts and find the one that they like the best and will best fit their needs. The template is then downloaded onto the computer and can be customized. The driver can then type in their company name, logo, and any contract information including phone number. The template can then be saved on the computer and printed. There is nothing special needed other than a standard printer.

There is other important information that can be found on this taxi receipt template. On this taxi receipt template there is room to type in the date of the taxi ride. There is also a space to write in the location that the taxi is departing from and the address at which the taxi is arriving at. There is a place to write in the fare of the taxi ride. This is important if a person is looking for a reimbursement that are going to need this taxi receipt . The taxi receipt template can be used for every customer and has all the information needed when using the services of a taxi.

1st Taxi Receipt Template

Best as 3 inch receipt.

Taxi Receipt Template for Microsoft Word


2nd Taxi Receipt Template (Cover many fields)

Free Printable Taxi Receipt Template 3 Per Page


3rd Printable Taxi Receipt Template

Square Taxi Receipt Template


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