Wedding Planning Checklist Template

What is great about planning a wedding is very clear. There is lots of excitement and delightment in the air at the very same time. Nonetheless, even though planning a wedding may seem ... Continue Reading →
Bridal-Shower-Invitation-Template. ©

Bridal Shower Invitation Template

Bridal showers were once the domain for brides-to-be. A friend of the bride, or her maid of honor, would host the event, send out the invitations and handle the other details. Friends, ... Continue Reading →

Wedding Invitation Template

A wedding invitation is a key element to any and all weddings, whether they are real or just pretend. It might not seem like much to the guests but it means a lot to the bride and groom ... Continue Reading →

Place Card Template

Making the most out of a place card template is a worthwhile project for people who want to test this template for themselves. You will appreciate the opportunity to evaluate how the ... Continue Reading →

Guest book Template

A guest book is a great way to record attendees at your event, ceremony or affair. In addition to their names, telephone numbers and addresses, a guest book will also allow your group ... Continue Reading →
Wedding Day Tasks Checklist Template

Wedding Day Tasks Checklist Template

Wedding days are the most precious days in any body’s life. Mostly people hire a wedding event coordinator, to ensure that the big day turns out as a big hit. Everyone wants their ... Continue Reading →
Free Wedding Invitation Templates (2)

Free Wedding Invitation Templates

A wedding invitation is a formal invitation, asking the addressee to attend a wedding. Usually, it is written in a formal language, from a third person view, and is mailed or handed ... Continue Reading →
Free Marriage Certificate Template

Marriage Certificate Template (Updated)

If someone is going to marry with its loved one then it is necessary to keep its official record because future is uncertain and you may be need the legal proof of your marriage for ... Continue Reading →