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Agenda Format

An agenda is a very important part of the business meeting or any type of meeting. The agenda is one way to make sure that everything is organized and going along according to plan. Think about all the chaos created without an agenda in place. The meeting would be completely chaotic and few goals would be accomplished or completed during the meeting. A professionally crafted agenda will keep the meeting moving forward. Here is an agenda template that is free to download and fully customizable. It is compatible with MS Word 2003 and 2010.

It takes time to develop a proper agenda. A lot of planning and research goes into crafting just the right format. It is important to make sure that all the details are included. People will have to give their input concerning the agenda format. Certainly, this will take a lot of time. The easiest way to design a professional quality agenda is with an agenda template. Participants simply agree on the template and then start producing the agreed upon agenda.

Take a look at the agenda template that was created in MS Word. It has a field for including the name of the meeting and the date of the meeting. A field for meeting called by is included. There are also areas for the time, topic, location, and more.

Here is the preview of agenda templates,

Agenda Format MS Word

Tips for using this template

  • Download the free and fully customizable template to your computer.
  • Save the template to a file that is easy to find on your computer.
  • Open the template in MS Word and customize or edit the fields to your satisfaction.
  • Set up all the standard fields that are normally used during a meeting.
  • Proof the newly customized agenda template and print out a copy for review.


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