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Travel Expenses Report Template

Usually, when you have to go for an official trip, the employers afford all the incurred expenses, including the tickets, hotel bills, meal time expenses, and taxi or cab fares. A company will reimburse employees for all reasonable and necessary expenses while traveling on authorized company business or entertaining business clients.

This is our professionally designed Travel Expense Report template created in order to help you make things easier for the reporting process of all of your travel expenses, and to allow your company’s concerned department to competently process expense reimbursements. You can keep track of all you travel expenses with this simple expense report form for MS Word, using standard and custom expense options.

To create your customized Travel Expense Report, fill out all the information required in their respective areas. Furthermore, you can easily save a soft copy of this travel expense report in your laptop during any business trip, to easily keep track of all the expenses incurred during the trip.

It is a very basic form of travel expense report, and you can add or remove certain topics according to your requirement. But you should also consult with your company policies and human resource personnel to find out what expenses are liable to be reimbursed. Standard expenses acquired must be in concurrence with your own departmental budget. If you are uncertain as to your total expense budget, you can contact the head of department or finance department, prior to starting your trip.

Here is the preview of this Free Travel Expenses Report Template,

Travel Expenses Report Template


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