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Remittance Template

Remittance means transfer of money. It refers to the payment in cash by a customer, to a business. A remittance document can normally be a proof of payment or a simple document that has to include details about some specified remittance transaction. The necessary details that have to be mentioned in a remittance document include the name of sender, and the name of the receiver, along with the sum of money sent, the date on which it is sent, agent’s name, and most importantly, signatures of sender and/or recipient and their agents. The basic motive of a Remittance document is to give all needed information in a simple format that can be use to maintain record.

Remittance template is a very special template that can help you in creating your own copy of remittance no matter whether it is inward or outward. You can see our remittance template, to get a basic idea of how to prepare and draft a remittance document. It is a simple and easy to use software template, and a very helpful starting point to allow you to create your own remittance document.

It has been specially designed by our skilful designers, to give it that professional look. All its contents are editable in MS Word 2007. You can change its text or format according to your needs.

You can use and customize this remittance template any way you like suitable for your personal or official needs. But keep it in mind that your modifications do not change the main outline of the template.

Here is the preview of this Free Remittance Template,

Remittance Template

Remittance Template (1)


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