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Sales Receipt Template

Large companies or businesses perform many transaction everyday. They have professional management to handle their transactions and sales. Sales receipt is used to keep record of sales transaction between contractor and buyer that buys its products or services. Receipt is very fundamental in transaction. It serves as a written proof of your transaction. Sales receipts are a device to monitor the income of business or company and also help the business to manage paper works.

Realizing the fundamental functions of receipt, you need to use professional receipt design. Sales receipt is prepared including some particular information like company name, log, and address of customer, products that are to be sold, unit price and total price. Payment terms are also included in sales receipt for customer’s convenience.

Through a receipt, you customer will be able to appreciate your service. Sales receipts are generated automatically, or created through some special software. It is bad idea to use handwritten form of Sales Receipt Template, especially when it is difficult to be read.

Sales receipts are prepared following different formats. This is our professional sales receipt template, to help you create your own official sales receipts. You can just add your company name and logo and other details, and use this template to create and print receipts that you can give to customers when purchasing your goods or services. This template is great for a business which involves direct sale of a product, You can download our sales receipt template designed for your convenience.

Here is the preview of our designed Free Sales Receipt Template,

Sales Receipt Template

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